The Neck Reliever Combines 2  Therapeutic Thechniques for Maximum Relief

About Us

Hi, we are a Swedish family, living as digital nomads for the time being. I'm Johan Lav and together with my wife, Lena Lav, we have developed the BlizMe Neck Reliever double relief system in an effort to relieve my own neck pain problems.
In my case, I had  struggled with neck pain for many years. Working as a cameraman for the Swedish television for 20 years had taken it's toll on my neck. I have tried everything, chiropractors, physiotherapists, different massages, shiatsu, rehab and gone to several doctors. Don't get me wrong, the treatments were great and helped me alot, but the pain always came back. Most often before the next appointment.
When the Corona pandemic started, we came in contact with one of all the different neck hammocks on the market. After using it for a while, we felt that it was good, but that there was room for improvement. That's when the idea of the neck reliever started to take form. After several months of developing, we finally found a solution that gave me the relief I was after. We hade also designed the earpads so that we could use earphones for relaxing music. Playing music out loud when having a family, doesn't always workout so well. That's why being able to use earphones while using the Neck Reliever was a detail that was very important to me. But the most importent change was the combination of cervical traction and the hot and cold therapy (in my case, heat has worked best). This combination became the new Double Relief System and has given me the relief I have been looking for.     
We have gotten such a great response from people getting help from using the neck reliever, that we offer a money back gaurantee. Check out the Satisfaction Guarantee section.